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Posted 4 April 2024
TechIsland Academy: How AI can transform your customer experience
TI Webinar April 2024

Join our next TechIsland Academy, an exclusive webinar, powered by MOVEO.AI, on the transformative power of AI, and specifically Generative AI in customer experience management, and learn how to leverage it to revolutionise your approach to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Date: 4.4.2024 | Time: 16:00 - 17:00 | Format: ONLINE

Explore practical strategies by industry expert Panos Karagiannis, CEO of MOVEO.AI, on leveraging AI technologies to enhance personalized engagement and streamline customer support.

You will have the opportunity to explore MOVEO.AI's GenAI platform, designed for simplicity and effectiveness and to learn how Moveo's self-learning GenAI agents, powered by proprietary LLMs, utilize historical and real-time data to take CX to new heights.

The webinar is offered for free by registration via this link:

Link to the webinar will be sent to registered attendees via Google Calendar.