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Join a powerful network of tech firms and innovators shaping the future of Cyprus.


Over 300 member companies employing over 20000 people in Cyprus. From local startups to international heavyweights, each member brings unique expertise and experience to the table, making our community a true force to be reckoned with.


Over 300 member companies employing over 20000 people in Cyprus. From local startups to international heavyweights, each member brings unique expertise and experience to the table, making our community a true force to be reckoned with.


Become a TechIsland member and enjoy an array of benefits designed to enhance your business's growth and influence in the tech ecosystem. As a member, you will have the opportunity to

Membership Benefits
Influence legislative processes directly affecting your business
Expand your network, connecting with potential clients and partners at our regular meetups
Engage in insightful discussions with key industry decision makers
Receive support and knowledge on relocation and operations in Cyprus
Gain access to industry insights and introductions to relevant service providers
Participate in educational workshops, seminars and projects
Gain global exposure through media, conferences, and forums
Feature on the Cyprus Tech Ecosystem Map
Contribute to the growth of the tech sector in Cyprus
Participate in our foreign innovation missions
Types and Fees

At TechIsland, we embrace diversity in the tech ecosystem. We offer three types of memberships to cater to different roles within the industry. Find a membership type that suits your business's needs.


We have streamlined the membership process to make it as efficient as possible. Here's how you can become a TechIsland Member:

Application Process

Fill out our online application form with your personal and company details. We review the application for completeness and basic qualifications.


Selected applicants are contacted for an introduction and further assessment. We conduct a background check on all applicants.


Our membership committee reviews all the information collected about the applicants and decides on their membership.


Once approved, applicants pay the annual membership fee and sign the subscription contract.


Upon receiving payment and the signed contract, we activate the membership and provide further instructions for onboarding to the TechIsland community.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from our existing members about the many benefits and opportunities that come with being a part of TechIsland

Quadcode is proud to be a pivotal member of TechIsland, an alliance committed to nurturing innovation, advancing technology, and enhancing the quality of life in Cyprus. Through our collaboration, Ι've had the privilege of engaging in enriching discussions on relocation and educational hurdles, both at the TechIsland Summit for the past two years and within a specialized TechIsland working group focused on addressing challenges within the education sector. Together with TechIsland, we're excited to continue driving positive change and innovation within Cyprus, propelling the region towards a brighter future.

Michael Gitsis
Michael Gitsis
Chief Operating Officer at Quadcode

Joining Techisland was the beginning of a great partnership that brought us an immaculate perspective on how the IT industry should further develop. Their efforts in improving life in Cyprus are commendable and worthy of great admiration. AdTech Holding is honored to be part of such a transformative community Techiland represents, and endorsement of Cyprus Ecosystem Map was only one of many steps we are willing to take in supporting their meritorious endeavors. Meeting industry leaders and nurturing professional relationships through Techisland conferences and meetups is what we are always looking forward to and cherish greatly.

Adtech holding alex
Alex Vasekin
Chief Executive Officer at AdTech Holding

Thanks to TechIsland, we understood how IT businesses, experts, and government synergy works. Zubr Capital, as an investor, did not accidentally choose Cyprus as one of our main jurisdictions. We see that there are prerequisites for creating a strong, fast-growing community. And I am sure that TechIsland played a crucial role in this process. It is an ecosystem that unites startups, investors, business angels, experts, and the government of Cyprus. Thanks to TechIsland initiatives, the Cyprus community has gained access to the best expertise and a community of like-minded people. And we believe that this is just the beginning of TechIsland's brilliant future.

Oleg Khusaenov
CEO & Founder at Zubr Capital Investment Company

TechIsland has put in a lot of effort to support IT and other professional communities in Cyprus. They're creating unique opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing best practices among tech professionals. They're also pushing for important changes in our laws to keep up with modern business trends. I really appreciate their contributions to our local IT HR community. The network they've built is incredibly valuable, driving new ideas and practices and creating a strong sense of teamwork among us. The synergy effect is enabled.

Yana Legkaya
Director, Employee Success at Prodly

Thanks to TechIsland, all IT companies here in Cyprus have the invaluable opportunity to engage with each other and share our experiences. Thanks to TechIsland, we can effectively communicate the essential requirements of the gaming sector to the government, thereby helping the industry to grow. TechIsland consistently organizes fantastic events, fostering a dynamic environment for learning and connecting with peers from various companies, making it a cornerstone of the local tech community.

Elena Grigoryan
Elena Grigoryan
Chief Executive Officer at MY.GAMES