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Posted 28 March 2024
HR Meetup 6- Global Talent Strategies: Optimizing Employee Benefits for International Mobility & Well-being
HR Meetup 6

At our upcoming TechIsland HR Community Meetup, we’re bringing together experts in the fields of corporate wellness, insurance brokerage, and international healthcare, to discuss how companies can improve their global talent strategies and make employee benefits more attractive and effective.

28.03.2024 | 19:00 | ETKO, Cyprus, Limassol

Our speakers will offer practical advice, based on statistical data on employee preferences, to enhance strategies for recruiting and retaining international talent:

1. Filip Wolek, CEO at

2. Victor Ioannides, Managing Director, Nicos Rossos Insurance Broker

3. Adam Lovett, Head of Sales & Distribution Europe, Bupa Global

The panel will be moderated by Marianna Hadjiandoniou, Founder of PERHA Group. 

Secure your spot by registering via this link:

The event is powered by: SportBenefit, Nicos Rossos Insurance Brokers, Bupa

Venue Partner: ETKO Cyprus