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How to register
a company in Cyprus

The procedure of setting up a Cyprus company is straightforward and fast. The registration takes place within the Cyprus Registrar of Companies, and submissions are accepted electronically or manually in person/by post. 

Steps to register a company in Cyprus:

  1. Choose your business entity type. The type of entity to choose should  be based on the nature of your business, the number and status of your business partners, and the types of relationships that connect your stakeholders. The Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver provides more information about types of business entities.
  2. Your business name. Your business name. A business needs a distinctive name when pursuing national or international business activities. Check the restrictions on this link to choose a name that will help with branding and keep you compliant with regulations. 
  3. Search registered names. Before deciding on your business name for commercial use, it is essential to search the government directory for already registered names.
  4. Register your business entity. Start the company registration process by following the steps on this link.