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Citizenship by Naturalization
Based on Years of Residence

Cypriot citizenship can be obtained via naturalization based on one’s years of residence on the island. More specifically: 

  • Third Country Nationals can be naturalized as Cypriots once they have completed 7 years of legal residence on the island. As per the Cypriot Government’s announcement in October 2021, the 7-year requirement may be reduced to 5 years in case one resides and works in Cyprus, or it may even be reduced to 4 years in case where a person can prove good knowledge of the Greek language (by obtaining a relevant certificate - this change is subject to final approval by the regulators).
  • EU Nationals are allowed to apply for Cypriot citizenship after five years of residence on the island;
    In addition to the minimum time spent, one must also fulfil the required conditions mentioned above.
  • Cyprus Citizenship via Spousal Privilege: Cypriot citizenship may also be obtained as the spouse of a Cypriot citizen under the following parameters: 
    Foreign spouses (EU Nationals and TCNs) of Cypriot Nationals who have been married for 3 years and have completed 2 years of residence in Cyprus, prior to the date of the application are allowed to apply;
    Foreign spouses (EU Nationals and TCNs) of overseas Cypriot Nationals who have completed 3 years of marriage can submit the said application at a Cyprus Consulate or Embassy overseas.
    EU Nationals: not sure about the below
    European Union citizens who wish to take up residence in Cyprus need to obtain an EU Registration Certificate within 4 months from the last entry to Cyprus.