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Main Rights and Benefits of
Employees Working in Cyprus
  • Employees must be informed by their employers in writing as to the basic terms of their employment; 
  • A minimum monthly salary exists for certain categories of employees; 
  • Salaries must be paid at least every week, except for employees paid on a monthly basis; 
  • The weekly working time cannot exceed 48 hours, on average, including overtime work;
  • Employees are entitled to at least 11 consecutive hours of rest per day; 
  • Minimum probation periods for new employees and a minimum notice period in the event of termination;
  • Employees working a 5-day working week are entitled to 20 working days of paid annual leave  in addition to the public holidays observed in Cyprus; 
  • New mothers are entitled to a paid maternity leave of up to 18 consecutive weeks for the child, with additional weeks for subsequent children; 
  • New fathers have a right to unpaid parental leave of up to 2 consecutive weeks, for which they may claim an allowance from the Department of Social Insurance;
    New parents also have a right to an additional 18 consecutive weeks of unpaid parental leave to take care of and/or participate in raising the child. 

Acquisition of Immovable Property in Cyprus 
In accordance with Cyprus Law, third-country nationals may acquire immovable property in Cyprus, subject to obtaining permission from the Cyprus Government. Such permission is not required for rentals, where non-EU nationals wish to rent real estate in Cyprus for less than 33 years.

Succession Rules in Cyprus 
As a general rule, the succession of a person who (habitually) resides in Cyprus is governed, irrespective of where his assets are situated, by the succession laws of Cyprus. By way of exception, in the case of people who  (habitually) reside in Cyprus and have foreign or dual citizenship, their succession could be governed by the succession laws of the country of their citizenship should they choose this option.. If one does not choose, Cyprus Succession Rules will apply.

The Succession Laws of Cyprus provide for a mixed system, i.e. a system which (i) recognizes the right to leave the property in a will and (ii) imposes a forced heirship system. Under this combined system, a deceased may leave part of his estate in a will to whomever they wish while the rest of the estate will goto their heirs e.g. the spouse