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Employment of
Third Country Nationals
  • A company is allowed to employ highly skilled TCN personnel earning a salary of more than €2.500 gross per month;
  • A company is also allowed to employ support TCN staff earning less than €2.500 gross per month (with pre-approval);
  • Up to 70% of the total number of the company’s employees can be TCNs (over a period of 5 years);
    The permit for employment of TCNs can be issued with a validity of up to 3 years, and it can be renewed upon expiration;
  • TCN employees can legally take up employment in Cyprus when the Migration Authorities accept their Permit application and the relevant receipt is issued
  • . In the case of an Entry Permit, legal employment can be taken upon entry to Cyprus;
  • The Company must indicate substance in Cyprus by owning or renting ample office space in Cyprus;
  • The TCN / EU employees will need to have an employment contract with the Cyprus company;
  • The Permit becomes void if the TCN holder is out of Cyprus for more than 3 continuous months;
  • The applicants must be present during the application submission. Fingerprints, electronic signatures and photographs of applicants will be taken as biometric elements;
  • Family members of TCN employees can relocate to Cyprus under family reunification. Under normal circumstances, the application follows the approval of the main applicant