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Posted 2 February 2024
Women In TechⓇ Cyprus launches educational program “Advocate for Yourself”
WIT Advocate

TechIsland and member Adsterra announce the launch of "Advocate For Yourself," an educational program under the Women in Tech® Cyprus initiative. This series of workshops is designed to foster self-advocacy, leadership, and personal growth for women in the technology sector. 

The program offers a range of workshops aimed at enhancing self-awareness, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership abilities. Key areas include developing personal value systems, crafting effective personal pitches, understanding emotional intelligence in teamwork, addressing imposter syndrome, cultivating a growth mindset, and setting strategic goals.

In addition to the educational content, the program provides a platform for networking and personal development. Participants will engage in practical exercises, receive feedback, and build supportive networks.

Tanya Romanyukha, Head of Operations at TechIsland and Director of the Women In Tech CyprusⓇ Chapter, commented on the initiative: “The corporate world often fails to prioritize the empowerment of women.  With this program, we are changing this narrative by empowering women to be more confident, to advocate for themselves, and to assert their unique viewpoints at the table. This inclusive approach is crucial for the continued growth of a sustainable and equitable tech industry. This program is also a significant step towards nurturing a tech culture in Cyprus, encouraging more women to follow a career in tech,  and it is aligned with TechIsland’s mission to transform Cyprus into a tech hub.”

The program is open to 30 attendees with different ticket options available. Interested parties must visit this link for registration details and further information.

Women in Tech® Cyprus, part of the international Women in Tech® network, offers a community for women in tech and advocates for female empowerment in the industry.