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Employment Law

Cyprus has an extensive network of laws and regulations that outlines and safeguards employees' rights. As a member of the European Union, Cyprus adheres fully to EU laws relating to employment. 
Employees enjoy legal protection against all forms of discrimination on the grounds of age, gender,  religion, sexual orientation, disability, race and ethnicity. 
A well-developed national social insurance system exists in Cyprus.Employees may apply for and receive maternity and paternity allowances, sickness benefits for short-term absences from work, as well as old age, widowhood and inability to work pensions 
Key Features:

  • Constitutional protection of the right to work; 
  • Adherence to EU laws and regulations; 
  • An extensive network of laws and regulations safeguarding the rights of employees; 
  • Labour disputes courts, modelled after the UK court system; 
  • A national social insurance scheme funded by a contribution of employees, employers and the government;
  • Legal protection against unfair dismissal and discrimination at work.