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Posted 23 October 2023
TechIsland launches PropTech Working Group
PropTech Wg

TechIsland, Cyprus’ leading tech association, announces the formation of a new PropTech Working Group. This initiative is a key part of the Organization’s ongoing effort to transform Cyprus into a leading tech hub. The group comprises 9 experienced professionals from the technology and property sectors, coming together to foster improvement and growth in property technology (PropTech) in Cyprus.

The purpose of the PropTech Working Group is to facilitate discussion and collaboration among all relevant stakeholders, identify key issues and provide practical and sustainable solutions. By doing this, the group aims to drive forward digital transformation in the real estate industry, making processes more efficient and sustainable. They will work on identifying necessary advancements, promoting the growth of PropTech, and developing strategic roadmaps for industry progress. Educational events will also be organized to enhance industry knowledge and expertise.

On behalf of TechIsland, General Manager Marios Giorgoudis mentioned that “The real estate and construction sector is a key contributor to the Cyprus economy. Through the formation of the PropTech Working Group, we aim to strategically leverage technology to enhance the transparency, competitiveness, and overall growth of the sectors in Cyprus.”